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What is MSA?

My Specialist Appinion gives you 24/7 access to UK-based Specialists by media messaging for a specialist opinion.

What is an Appinion?

An Appinion is the process of requesting an opinion from a specialist using the MSA app.

Are you part of the NHS?

We are a private service independent of the NHS and all the specialists are registered with a UK regulated body.  All our doctors are on the GMC Specialist Register for their specialty.

Do you deal with emergencies?

We are not an emergency service.  If you have a medical emergency in the UK, you should call 111 or 999 or go straight to your nearest Accident & Emergency department.  Please click here for a list of excluded symptoms/conditions.

Can I choose my specialist?

Once registered you will be able to choose your specialty and the next available Specialist will accept your request. However, you are not able to select a specific specialist currently.

Can I call to register/sign up?

You are unable to sign up for an account by a telephone call.  However, you can sign up very easily via the MSA App on your mobile phone.

Can I get a prescription from MSA?

We are currently not providing a prescription service. However, If you have been advised to start medication by one of our Specialists you will need to contact your local care service (e.g. GP or urgent care centre) for this.

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we do not offer free trials of our service.

How much does it cost?

Each Appinion request to one of our Specialists is charged a fixed fee of £50 charged to the payment card details you provide on submission of your request.

When will I get my response from the Specialist?

MSA will endeavour to match You with an appropriate Specialist in order to give you an Opinion regarding your query as soon as possible, ideally within 24hrs. 

We advise that you grant Notification permissions for this app.  We may send you notifications to indicate new activity (eg a specialist’s response or a payment confirmation) that you may need to respond to.  

Can I ask follow-on questions?

We advise that users capture their main query in the initial Appinion request.  The Specialist may ask you some questions to clarify your request and to ensure they give you the right medical opinion.  Once your Appinion is complete you can ask further questions but this would be at a cost as it would constitute a new Appinion request.

What do I do if I am not happy with the opinion of the Specialist?

We welcome all feedback in order to improve our service.  This can be done using the feedback section within the app.

Why is so much medical information being requested on the Registration Form?

Certain medical conditions may be more likely depending on your past medical history and family history.  Providing more information on the Registration Form will enable your specialist to give you a more personalised appinion. 

Why am I being asked by ethnicity on the Registration Form? 

Ethnicity can help a specialist determine risks of certain medical conditions.  Providing your ethnicity may help the specialist give you a more accurate opinion.

How long can my appinion be?

There is currently No limit for the Freetext

There is currently a 5 x 200 character limit for the Template

Can I edit my Appinion once it has been submitted?

No. Please read over your query before submitting the Appinion request as there is currently no feature to allow editing once the transaction is complete.

Can I seek an appinion on someone else’s behalf?

No. The MSA app is designed for personal use.  The clinician has access to the medical background provided by the user in the Registration section – attempting to request an Appinion for someone else may result in clinical error.

What do I do if my symptoms change or get worse?

MSA is not an emergency service  If your condition deteriorates while you are waiting for your Appinion then please call 111 to seek clinical advice.  It it becomes an emergency then please either attend your nearest A&E or phone 999.

Do I need to be physically in the UK to use MSA?

You do not need to be physically in the UK to use the MSA app.  However the app is currently intended for use by UK residents only.

Do I need to be a UK resident to use MSA?

Yes.  The MSA app is currently intended for use by UK residents only.  There may be different laws for using medical apps in your country of residence.

Does my GP get a copy of my Appinion interaction?

We do not send any of your information to your GP.  However, you can download and forward a transcription of your appinion to your GP if you wish. Download function not currently enabled.

How long do you keep my information?

Appinion threads are saved for 6 years.  Photos however are deleted once your specialist has completed the appinion.

Why did my photos disappear after the completion of my appinion?

It is company policy not to store images for longer than required for an appinion to be obtained from the specialist. Please see Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I delete my account and would you clear all my data?  

Please email our help team on [email protected] and we will be able to help you.

What if my account has been suspended?

Please email our help team on [email protected] and we will be able to help you.